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We are Bhuddi and Kupu

Turning disability into possibility

Seeing beyond disability and turning it into possibility. From the lens to the canvas and beyond. We create vibrant and playful paintings meant to evoke feelings of innocence and wonder. Visual challenges of perception and colour transform what the heart and mind see. Dynamic colours, shapes, and patterns uncover sights familiar yet somehow unseen. Art brings inner peace uncovering stillness amongst chaos. Life’s detours led us here, art will guide our way.


Leighton Juried Members Exhibition


Our Story

Turning disability into possibility


Artrophy is a play on words. Google the term and a prompt showing results for atrophy appears. The word atrophy is a term used primarily in medicine and refers to a wasting away. Give the word a slight tweak and the definition flips.

Artrophy is vision. It is how we see, we create, we evolve.

Artrophy is meant to inspire.


I was born with an inherited optic nerve disorder known as Autosomal Dominant Optic Atrophy. The condition causes vision loss and colour vision defects. At first I had no idea I had vision issues. I was a kid who assumed what I saw was what everyone else saw. Only after years did I realize this wasn’t the case.

But this is not all about me, the art you see here reflects interpretations of a shared reality between Kupu and me. Shaped not only through an eye condition but also by a life of collective experiences. Our creations start with photographs, move to edits and when the time feels right the paint hits the canvas.


Kupu is my wife, my eyes and my driver. You can see her influence in all these creations. Once I have crafted an idea or concept, Kupu adds her unique touches. The final product is a collaboration of two halves creating a whole.

As artists we are known as Bhuddi and Kupu, a collaborative visual arts team called Artrophy.

You may think this is the whole story but we have barely scratched the surface. So if we have piqued your curiosity then follow along on the journey as it unfolds and takes you places you may not have imagined but neither did we.


Bhuddi and Kupu


We hope you enjoy our work!

Our entry into the world of visual art began with photography. It coincided with our overseas adventures. We knew we wanted to try to capture what we were experiencing and share it with others. Everything was new and unusual through our eyes. Every day was a new experience and the excitement that came from not knowing what was coming next was exhilarating and sometimes exhausting. Over the years we compiled a large photo gallery, some photos spoke to us more than others and would prove to be our inspiration for paintings, ink drawings and watercolours.  When circumstances arrived, which prevented us from travelling, we referred back to these photos for comfort and joy. Reliving past adventures and reflecting on simpler less complicated times helped us get through challenging days.


On this page, you will find some of our favourite images from earlier travels. Some of the higher quality images will be available to purchase as prints and products through our print shop soon.


Better yet, if you would like us to try our hand at interpreting a favourite photo of yours one in the gallery as an original custom acrylic painting on canvas, we do commissions – just let us know here.


As we move forward into a newly defined future we hope to add new photographs from further adventures. We look forward to being inspired by what we see both near and far. 


Stay tuned,

Bhuddi and Kupu